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We are Smarter than Me

Pain Intelligence

Painly is the first artificial and social intelligence network for pain, to heal through shared connection and machine discovery.

The Internet can be a scary place. 

Painly keeps you informed - and safe - by using AI to identify new data and content. 

Painly detects information and data in real time and notifies you based on your pain personal system.


We are smarter than me.

Consider Painly as the PainPal in your pocket, ready to listen and motivated to connect you with content and people who have walked in shoes like you.  Painly socializes pain easily and openly, so we can all get smarter for whatever pain attaches to our lives.


Pain management is traditionally a lack connection, a void in connecting with the people who suffer like you do.  Painly introduces artificial intelligence and a dedicated PainPals network.  Whether you want to be a friend or mentor to someone with pain, or you have questions about managing your own pain, join the global conversation with PainPals across the world.  The AI in Pain Management is here.

A New Paradigm for Wellness

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