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Mental and Physical Wellness, Powered by Peers and Machine Learning

The Network Effect

Painly activates the network effect for stimulating a new approach to not only socialize pain - but to capture that massive social intelligence in a structured way.

In a recent study conducted by University of Michigan Health, over 58% of Millennials already identify with regular physical or emotional pain in their lives, yet only 12% see medication as the only remedy. Marry this to the fact that 87% of Millennials now communicate and consume information on a mobile device and you create an entirely new funnel of data, content and knowledge.

Painly unlocks the millions of experiences, remedies and opinions for socializing pain in a more universal way.  

Soon Painly will invite the "Angie's List" approach to caregivers who are increasing in numbers across the globle.

Mobile Intelligence

With the average person experiencing over 82 pain types in their lifetime, Painly allows a person the enter their pain interests and enables our machine learning technology and network system to inform and inspire.  

When PainPals have matching interest areas they can share information privately or openly on the network.

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About Us

A Business of Patriapps

Patriapps makes software with a mission. We use technology, data and design to serve the larger problems in America. Patriapps as a veteran venture studio located in New York City.  The company's apps have been featured in TIME, Fox, Forbes, BBC, NPR and Sports Illustrated.

Military Beginnings

The CEO of Painly is a combat veteran of the 82nd Airborne and West Point.  In fact, over half of the investors in Painly are military veterans who recognize that pain is not a matter of escape, but of grit and groups, of negotiation and navigation of the mind and body.

A Social Science

While chronic or mental pain is a vast world of science and medication, we believe that the social science for pain can be equally as potent.  When people learn from one another, with the aid of machine learning, they not only can gain knowledge but in a very real way they can also gain strength. 

Colonel Greg Gadson

Greg Gadson

Combat veteran and national speaker about resilience, a person dedicated to the elevation of the human spirit through personal grit and universal kindness.

Deb Miller

Deb Miller is the Painly Chief Experience Officer with 25 years as a health care professional and executive.  She is also the founder of Evidence Care.

Drew Bartkiewicz

Drew Bartkiewicz Painly

Published author, military and technology veteran dedicated to the distribution of common sense and good will through the use of technology and strategic alliances. 

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